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Welcome to Veolia’s purpose

In April 2019, Veolia was one of the first companies to adopt its purpose.

Find out why Veolia defined its purpose and the words that express it. Even more importantly, think about what it means for you.

Ready? Let’s go!

A new role
for businesses

Today, societies as well as our planet are facing many economic, social, societal and environmental challenges.
Businesses are at the forefront of the changes taking place, and can no longer make the quest for profit their only objective.
To maintain their position, they must rethink their role based on how they can be useful to all their stakeholders.

So Veolia has a purpose,
what does that change?

Since it was formed, Veolia has acted to have a positive impact on society.
By giving itself a purpose, it goes further:

"First of all, expressing our Group’s purpose means saying why it is useful, for whom it is useful and why it is important that it should exist. Let’s not be under any illusions! Our business is successful because it is useful, and not the other way round. It usefulness is the reason why it is attractive to its customers and partners, its usefulness feeds its employees’ commitment: they are only motivated for a business whose values and vision they share, and which gives meaning to their work.

So who is our Group useful for? For all those who contribute to it directly and who, in return, have an interest in it: its employees, its shareholders, its customers, its suppliers. But it is also useful to the regions where it is established, to its associative partners, to future generations, etc."

Antoine Frérot, Président-directeur général de Veolia
Antoine Frérot, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Veolia

A whole text
to express Veolia’s purpose

To define this usefulness, to whom it is addressed, how to implement it, Veolia’s purpose is expressed in a whole text. Find out about it in this video

My purpose at Veolia

The main players in this purpose are of course all Veolia’s employees.
They have been asked to choose the word that inspired them the most in this text, the word that made them proud, that made sense of their actions: their purpose at Veolia.
What if you took part in this exercise?

The main players in this purpose are of course all Veolia’s employees.
They have been asked to choose the word that inspired them the most in this text, the word that made them proud, that made sense of their actions: their purpose at Veolia.
What if you took part in this exercise?

Click to add to your infographics

Veolia’s purpose is to contribute to [[human progress]] by firmly committing to the [[Sustainable Development Goals]] set by the [[UN]] to achieve a [[better and more
sustainable future]] for all. It is with this aim in mind that Veolia sets itself the task of “[[Resourcing the world]]” through its [[environmental services]] business.

At Veolia, we are convinced that continuing [[human development]] is only possible if [[economic, social and environmental issues]] are addressed as [[an indivisible
whole]]. This belief is embedded in the [[history]] of the company, which as soon as it was created in 1853, showed the way by making [[access]] to [[drinking water]] an
essential element of [[public health]] and [[quality of life]].

In the conduct of our current businesses in [[water]], [[waste]] and [[energy]], we provide our [[public and private]] [[customers]] [[worldwide]] with [[solutions]] that [[facilitate]] access
to [[essential services]] and [[natural resources]], and that efficiently [[conserve]], [[use]] and [[recycle]] those natural resources. [[Improvement]] of our [[environmental footprint]] and that of our [[customers]] is central to our [[business]] and its [[economic model]].

We are a company that is both [[local and global]] with a high level of [[technical know-how]] and [[labor]], and which [[commits]] for [[long periods of time]]. We guarantee
[[long-term results]] for our customers by leveraging our [[long experience]], the quality of our [[services]] and our high capacity for [[innovation]].

We are a [[working community]] where, in addition to an [[income]] and respect for their [[health]] and [[safety]], everyone can find a [[sense]] of purpose in what they do,
commitment to [[rewarding collective action]] and [[personal fulfillment]]. Through [[training]], Veolia ensures that its [[employees]], the vast majority of whom are [[manual workers]] and [[technicians]], [[develop their skills]]. The company relies on their [[responsibility]] and [[autonomy]] [[at all levels]] and [[in all countries]], and promotes [[professional equality]] between [[men and women]]. Veolia also promotes, particularly on staff representative bodies, [[social dialogue]], which encourages employees to adopt our [[collective project]] as their own.

Wherever it operates, Veolia complies with applicable [[laws and regulations]]. It also applies widely-distributed [[ethical]] [[rules]] consistent with its [[values]] of
[[responsibility]], [[community spirit]], [[respect]], [[innovation]] and [[customer focus]].

Veolia’s [[prosperity]] is founded upon its [[usefulness]] to all its [[stakeholders]] in the various regions where it operates – whether [[customers]], [[shareholders]], [[employees]],
[[suppliers]], [[current populations]] or [[future generations]]. Its [[performance]] must therefore be assessed in [[various dimensions]] corresponding to those [[different communities]] concerned. The company pays the same degree of attention and requires the [[same high standards]] in each of these dimensions. In this way, Veolia [[prepares]] for the [[future]], [[protecting]] the [[environment]] and responding to [[humanity]]’s [[vital needs]].

Well done,
you’re ready for action!

All of us, as Veolia stakeholders in one way or another, have a key role to play in the implementation of this purpose.

To proclaim it loudly, download, print and share your personalized infographics

My personalized infographics

And it doesn’t end there:
multifaceted performance as a management tool

Veolia’s purpose is a continuous progress initiative, which is implemented for and with all the company’s stakeholders.
It is embodied in a text.
It takes tangible form in the multifaceted performance, a powerful strategic and operational management tool that makes it possible to find the best balance between economic and financial, environmental, human resources, social and commercial performance.
Based on these 5 dimensions, Veolia has committed to 18 priority objectives, which are associated with quantified indicators and action plans to achieve them.

My Purpose

Download, print and display your personalized infographics

In April 2019, we adopted a Purpose at Veolia.

It acts as our compass, giving us a long-term direction.
We used it to define our Impact 2023 strategy and
it assists us with our day-to-day choices.
It explains how and why Veolia takes action to be useful.
It is represented by tangible commitments,
that we implement with and for all of our stakeholders.
We measure these commitments with multi-dimensional key performance indicators (KPIs).
It gives meaning to the actions of the 171,000 Resourcers
who work to create a positive impact every day
by being optimistic, never giving up and progressing together.

I have chosen the word in Veolia's Purpose that best expresses
my own purpose at Veolia.
That word is:


Share on Google+

Post on the "At Veolia on Purpose"
community and talk to your colleagues

Choose a color for your word

Download your word

Share your word on G+ and explain why it best expresses your Purpose at Veolia

Access the Google+ community
"At Veolia on purpose".

Click on the “Publish on G+” button below. If you are visiting the Community for the first time, click “Join” to become a member.
Create a new post by clicking on the white bar at the top of the page.
A window will open.

Explain your word

In the window, explain in your own language why you chose this word from the Purpose document, what it means to you and why, and how it makes you feel useful.
Then click on the photo icon to add the image of the word that you chose and downloaded at step 1.


Once your image has been added to your post, just click “Post” to share your word and Purpose with the Community.

Publish on G+

Lead a discussion with your team

You could organize a discussion on Veolia's Purpose with your colleagues. Using the same exercise as for the words, you can ask yourselves which part of the Purpose particularly resonates with you, how you may already contribute to it and what role you want to play in the future.

We have provided some tools and tips to help you get started.

Discover our tools and tips

Talk to your colleagues,
using our Purpose as a starting point.

You could organize a discussion on Veolia's Purpose with your colleagues. Using the same exercise as for the words, you can ask yourselves which part of the Purpose particularly resonates with you, how you may already contribute to it and what role you want to play in the future.

We have provided some tools and tips to help you get started.


Veolia’s Purpose together through the video and text


that everyone chooses the word that means the most to them


these words and why you chose them


current or future team contributions to our Purpose

We have provided some tools and tips to guide you.
The kit below will help you prepare and lead a discussion according to your specific situation.

Download the kit